Designing Drop Ceiling Tiles

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Acoustical drop ceiling tiles are available in a wide assortment of styles and colors, but designer tiles are only available at a designer price. In many cases, such as decorating a child's room, designing custom drop ceiling tiles may be a more affordable alternative.

Involve the Children

Children love to be creative and should be encouraged to display that love. Why not get a set of water color paints and an assortment of brushes and then let your children decorate some drop ceiling tiles themselves? For sentimental parents, the child could even make some hand prints on the tiles or create finger paintings that will last a lifetime.

In the Nursery

Infants spend a lot of their time flat on their back, looking up at the ceiling. Why not liven up your baby's world a little with some decorative ceiling tiles? Pick up some wallpaper with colorful shapes or funny animals and mount it on individual tiles. You can even choose a gender-related theme, such as trucks and puppies for boys or pink ponies and brilliant butterflies for girls. The beauty of a drop ceiling is that you can simply replace the tiles when they become inappropriate for the child's age.