Designing Kitchen Work Tables

Since the kitchen is usually the hub of all activity in the house, especially if it is a kitchen cum drawing room, having the right kind of kitchen work tables can make all the difference. Kitchen work tables are not only used for chopping, cutting and other cooking related processes; they are also a great place for kids to do their homework while talking to parents as well as a good place for the person cooking to also do other projects side by side. The kitchen table one decides upon will determine how much place there is to store things, how much surface area is there to work on, whether one can use the table for meals or functions.

Choosing to design kitchen work tables is a creatively, technically, and manually challenging process. One has to come up with the style, size and pattern that best fits the kitchen, then adapt the desired form to technical details such as measurement, weight, dimensions and building ratio while keeping in consideration the size and capability of the kitchen. Finally you have to either lease out the building work to a carpenter or build it by yourself.

Designs for Kitchen Tables

There are a number of styles one can pick from when designing kitchen tables at home. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Granite kitchen tables
  • Breakfast nook tables
  • Farm style kitchen tables
  • Bistro style kitchen tables

Breakfast Nook Tables

This style is especially popular for roomy kitchens as they add a degree of intimacy and comfort to the kitchen. Breakfast nook tables are usually built into a portion of the kitchen that juts outward, extending beyond the standard walls of the kitchen (sort of like a small cave towards the outside). Most breakfast nook tables are built with three windows on the sides that give one a chance to look out at the garden. Breakfast nook tables are extremely versatile and can be painted and decorated to fit into a number of exciting and exotic themes such as a rustic or Tuscan style.

Farm Style Kitchen Tables

Farm style kitchen tables are all the rage nowadays as they add an element of fun country style to the kitchen. The seating around such tables offers room for much experimentation as one can choose to have rustic wooden chairs with cushions or even benches. Naturally colored wood, varnished wood or wood painted to look worn and weathered are great ideas for the surface. These tables are ideal for fun family time.

Bistro Style Kitchen Tables

Bistro style tables can be made of either wood or metal and usually have a round glass top. They are favored for the European touch they lend to the room, reminiscent of the trademark French cafés and bistros by the sidewalks in France. To make the table more attractive one can add a top cover of mosaic tiles in bright colors for a kitschy, eclectic feel.