Designs for Kids Bunk Beds

From the traditional double decker bed to modernistic wooden loft beds, or innovative beds with hide-away trundle designs, there are dozens of plans available for kids bunk beds. Choose the design that works best for your children, and then find a set of plans that most closely matches the bed you want.

Metal Designs

Metal bunk beds are a lot more popular than they once were. Be warned, however, that metal bunk beds require a lot more frequent inspections because the nuts and screws will have a tendency to work themselves loose.

Wood Designs

Wooden bunk beds are more sturdy and dependable than metal, and they have the advantage of being easy to repair or replace parts. Almost all bunk bed plans are based on the presumption that wood is the material of choice. Wood is the original material for bunk beds, and is just as popular today for them as it was centuries ago.

Trundle Designs

A trundle bunk bed has a large bed-sized drawer or opening into which a mattress box slides in and out. Essentially, a trundle gives hide-away functionality to the old bunk bed design. Trundle designs can be used for one or 2 mattresses, and their use is suggested for children under the age of 12.

Loft Designs

In a loft design, the mattress is placed in the top-bunk position, while the lower bunk is removed and replaced with a desk or other activity center. Loft designs help your child manage limited space even as they get older, but they sacrifice the traditional functionality of having two beds. For older and school-aged children, the loft design is often most popular, followed by the traditional design.

Corner Designs

Some bunk beds are meant to fit into a corner so that one mattress lies along one wall with the other is positioned perpendicularly. These designs are moderately popular, but require far more unused floorspace than a traditional bunk bed design. From a practicality standpoint, turning the corner immediately doubles the amount of floor space required, which can be a problem if the room as at a premium.

Triple Deckers

Commercial bunk beds are designed to accommodate as many as 4 mattresses. Triple mattress design are pretty easy to find, but the quad design may take a little looking around. In general, the quad design is a triple-decker bunk bed with an extra trundle mattress that can be pulled out and used as needed.

Other Designs

Bunk beds can be built to incorporate any other piece of bedroom furniture. It is common to find a bunk bed with a mirror mounted on one end or a bookshelf or dresser built in.

Until fairly recently, bunk beds were custom-made, and each design was modified sightly to provide a set of features preferred by the builder. Those same variations are possible today, and plans are available that can help you design and create a sturdy and dependable combination bunk bed.