Designs of Upholstery Fabric Print that Work Best in your Home

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When deciding on what upholstery will look best with your room design, there are many things to consider. To make it easier, read on to learn about how different types of upholstery fabric print work in your home.

Formal Room

A baroque or damask pattern would work very well in a living room or dining room that is in a décor of traditional furnishings. These make a bold statement while still being a traditional pattern. Covering your sofa and matching your draperies, for instance, will give your living room an elegant feel. For your formal dining room, you can cover the chair seats and add window treatments and placemats.

Children's Room

There is an array of upholstery fabrics available now that will give your child’s room a designer touch. You can consider boats, trains, or airplanes. For some more original ideas, other possibilities are bugs, jungle themes, or the planets, moon, and stars. You could also consider hearts, rainbows, and ballerinas. The newer options are flip-flops and beach toys, dragonflies, or paper doll prints.


Your bedroom can be made warmer by adding a heavy upholstery fabric in an animal print. Making a headboard from a foam board is an easy project. Covering it in a zebra or giraffe pattern is a neutral addition to the room and will match your other accessories no matter the color. Add additional splashes on your vanity chair, mirror, and picture frames.

By looking at your discount fabric store, or online, you will find that you can find any of these patterns to incorporate to your home to find upholstery that will update your home and give it a posh designer feeling.