Details of Spanish House Plans

If you are considering building your own house, you may require some Spanish house plans to get ideas for styling your new home. Of course, you will need to be aware of local laws concerning house designs and building before you start, so do a lot of research and consult a specialist. Some location and states have legislation to make sure houses are kept in style with the rest of the town. Enlist the help of an architect who is familiar with your region. Read on for more information about the features of Spanish-style houses.


Hacienda, pueblo, Spanish colonial, Old World… the list goes on. Think about what appeals to you most and consider the other houses already in the area. Will you want to blend the house into the natural style of the other homes? Or are they all so different that yours can stand out? The Spanish use a lot of tiles in their houses, both on their roofs and floors in lieu of carpets. This helps with the constant temperatures as tiling keeps the house cool in the summer.

The Approach

Planning the approach to your new Spanish-style house will be the deciding factor on the impact your home has on first time visitors. The style of your driveway and the way your front garden area is presented is very important. Factor this into your plans and designs.

The Grounds

Patio and paved areas are very common in houses with Spanish design. Light-colored stone or tiles are usually used in order to reflect the heat of the summer sun. Shaded areas are also very common and a small to medium sized landscaped garden area is highly preferred, against the backdrop of the swimming pool. Consider the size of ground you require and plan the house to get the best benefit from sun and daylight hours. Many prefer a south facing garden to get the most out of the sun.


How many rooms are you going to require? Think about this. Are you going to want a large garden area or a smaller garden? How about a garage? Consider luxuries like a home theater, home office or even a swimming pool. The plot of land you purchase will have to large enough to accommodate your plans.


You may want one or more guest rooms for visiting friends and family. If you have a large family, which includes young children, they will need a bedroom each, ordinarily. Consider if you would like a master suite with en suite bathroom for yourself and then how many other bedrooms are important for your plans.


You will also need to consider how many bathrooms your newly build home will have. The average Spanish style house will have two main full bathrooms and one half-bathroom, which contains a toilet, sink and maybe a shower. Consider your needs before you plan your home. Keeping the cost of building as low as possible will be beneficial if you sell in the future.


Your kitchen is the center of your home and one of the most expensive rooms to create or remodel. Spanish style kitchens are usually square or oblong and will be very light and airy, usually having patio doors leading to an al fresco dining area. Consider your needs and how often you will entertain in your home. You may want to mix your cooking and dining area so that you gain maximum benefit when your guests come over.