Determining How Many Roofing Nails Your Project Requires

Calculating how many roofing nails you need to complete a project can be very difficult. You may need to work out each project separately and calculate the amount of nails that you will need for certain tiles before you even begin to work out the total amount needed for the job. Deciding how many nails you want will involve working out how many tiles you will need to nail, so calculating the nails will mean having to work out many other costs, too.

Fitting the Whole Roof

In order to work out how many nails you need for your roofing project it is best to first calculate the entire roof and work backwards. You need to measure the length and width of your roof, and then multiply the two calculations together to work out the amount of tiles you will need. The length and width multiplied will equal the total square footage of your roof. You should then add a small percentage (between 5 and 10 percent), to allow for overlapping of tiles. This number should then be divided by 100 to give you the total number of roofing squares, and then multiplied by 350 again to equal the number of roofing nails you will need for this project.

Nailing Part of the Roof

If you only want to do a small portion of the roof, then you will need to calculate the length and width of that portion of the roof and then repeat the mathematics required above. Remember to calculate the percentage you need to include for overlaps or other problems, as this will ensure that you have enough tiles to finish the job. Smaller roofs can be measured by hand, but you would be better off getting a builder's calculation of the length of the roof on larger models, to prevent mistakes. If you are too busy to do either of these calculations, then just take the full square foot of the entire roof that you previously calculated and work out the percentage of roof you need to cover. You can then take this percentage out of your total roof nails to give you a final answer.

Replacing Tiles

When you only want to replace a few tiles you will not need to do all of the calculations described above. So long as you know how many tiles you will need to replace, you can work out the number of nails needed by multiplying the tiles by 350. This will give you the total number of roofing tiles required for the area that you need to cover. This calculation will work whether you have two tiles to replace, or 200.