Determining Single Pane Glass U-value

A window.

If you have noticed that your energy bills have been high especially in the summer and winter months, you might want to think about the U-value of your single pane glass. A little bit of an increase is understandable, but if you think that it is an extreme increase, you might discover that it has something to do with the single pane glass you might have installed.

Making Your Windows Function Better

When it gets extremely cold, you can help your single pane glass windows function better by always closing the curtains, blinds, or shades during the night. Then make sure to open them during the day so that the sun will have a chance to warm them and your rooms.

In the warmer weather months, you can help cool down things a bit by installing window covers that are white. This will help reflect the heat back out away from the house. If you have windows facing the south and west it is wise to close those shades, drapes, or blinds during the day to keep out the hot afternoon sun.

U-value of Single Pane Glass

Remember, single pane glass usually has a U-value of 1.1, which means that the saturation of the heat and or cold can be nearly 90%. By increasing that value or making the window itself more insulated, you can improve your energy usage significantly. Single pane glass can be energy efficient if they are a storm window. Having a single pane storm window will keep the solar rays down to 71%, far better than just regular glass.

Focus on Proper Installation

When you decide on a particular window, pay close attention to the installation instructions should you decide to do it yourself. If they are not installed correctly, you could end up losing energy because you did not insulate it properly or fully abide by the instructions. One major problem would be water leakage from outside. Make sure the weep holes are not plugged when installing your new windows. If they are plugged, moisture will be trapped inside your home.

Note that if you want to have your windows meet the EnergyStar requirements, your U-value should be no higher than .55. You can purchase special windows that will meet these standards automatically.