Determining the Right Car Rust Repair Kit

Available at any auto parts store, the do-it-yourself car rust repair kit provides the tools and materials necessary to remove and patch car rust. The following tools are listed to determine what is needed for your repair.

Sander or Sandpaper

This kit includes rough-edged sandpaper for removing rust from a car's body.

Orbital Grinder

The electrical orbital grinder is more efficient for removing large rust spots. Remove all rust from an area by sanding it down to the bare metal of the body. The result should be a diminished surface starting from the bare metal to clean paint.


Use tinsnips to cut the corroded metal. Surface rust may be sanded out, but when heavy rust occurs, the only option is to cut the metal and patch it.

Body Putty

Body Putty is applied over the patch and the seam between it and the car metal. Once it cures, it can be sanded and sculpted to match the car's original body shape, primed and then painted.

Many things can cause rust spots on your car and can lead to other serious damage. Take the time to remove car rust spots before the entire car ends up covered in rust.