Develop a Unique Bathroom Look Around a Vintage Bathtub

antique tub

A vintage bathtub is quite a masterpiece. Anyone who is lucky enough to own one may use in several ways to create an appealing ambiance in the bathroom. There are various styles and ideas you can apply without spending a fortune. Here we will discuss some of those ideas.


Tiles are an effective method to make an eye-catching renovation in any room, even more so in bathrooms. Having said that, you should keep in mind the fact that tiles may cost quite a sum of money to replace.

There are various decorative tiles which when fixed in focal positions create a wonderful look. Since in this case the bathroom features a vintage tub, it would be a good idea to replace the tiles which surround the bathtub.

Another option is to replace the tiles on the wall right behind the bathtub. This method is most effective if choose a shade for the tiles which matches the bathtub or the color scheme of the bathroom.

Soft Furnishings

The bathroom can be made to more welcoming and cozy with the right furnishings, such as the mats, towels and curtains. A good way to create such an effect easily and inexpensively is to match such accessories to the bathtub's color. You can also add a touch of that shade by attaching ribbons to the curtains, in the borders of the mats or towels, or in the curtain shears.

Furniture and Related Items

The bathroom's main furniture is obviously the sink and toilet. They can be replaced in order to match the antique look of the bathtub and create a more synchronized ambiance. You can also install a cabinet or cupboard to match the style of the tub.

You can choose similarly colored cupboards or shelves. The knobs and structure of such cupboards can replicate that of an antique cupboard. Even decorative accessories can be purchased to accompany this trend.

If you wish to add value to your home, renovating your bathroom is one of your best choices. All the more so, if this is a well planned out bathroom in design and layout, and includes an authentic vintage bathtub.