Developing a Deicing System for Your Driveway

What You'll Need
Hot water
Ice-melt products

Having a suitable deicing system in place for your driveway is important. It will not only reduce the need for the time consuming task of shoveling snow away from the driveway, but will also help to maintain your driveway. The ice that develops beneath the layer of snow is not only more difficult to remove, but also a threat to your driveway. It will cause the material of the driveway to deteriorate and crack, due to the thawing and freezing action of the water. The more it is allowed to remain on the driveway, the more dangerous it will be. Hence, if you take the time to develop an effective deicing system for your driveway, you will be benefiting in various ways. Let us discuss some basic ways to accomplish this.

Step 1 - Shoveling

The most common thing to do when it comes to getting rid of snow from your driveway, is to shovel it away. However, bear some things in mind. First of all, try to act as soon as possible, to avoid leaving the snow and ice on the driveway for too much time. You should avoid driving through the snowy driveway, so as not to press the snow downwards into the surface. It is vital to use a suitable shovel. Use a strong snow shovel which will enable you to break up large pieces easily. Then, when you start scraping the snow away with the shovel, you have to be careful to make strong strokes, but which do not end up chipping the driveway.

Step 2 - Using Ice-Melt Products

There are various types of ice-melt products available on the market. As the name implies, these products work by making the ice melt. Try to use ice-melt products which are environmentally friendly. Also, you need to use ice-melt products with caution. Once the snow melts, puddles will remain. You need to make sure that you remove these puddles as soon as possible, because if left there they will end up causing damage to the driveway nevertheless.

Step 3 - Using Sand

A good option to de-ice your driveway is to use sand. Simply scatter plenty of sand onto the ice. The sand, once it starts heating up, will cause the higher temperature to melt its way down more effectively into the ice beneath. As a result, it will start to melt away. This method is most suitable when there are long periods of sun at your disposal.

Step 4 - Using Salt and Hot Water

Another option is to use salt. Simply mix a cup of table salt in a container filled with about 2 cups of very hot water. Then start pouring it onto the ice. The mixture will melt the ice and make it much easier for you to get rid of it. Repeat the procedure little by little until you reduce the amount of ice.

Step 5 - Using Brine Solution

An innovative method is to set a system made up of a number of panels along the driveway. These are installed at regular intervals, and are basically composed of a pump and a nozzle. The panels are connected with a tank full of brine, through a basic plumbing network. A solution of brine is then distributed through the system and ejected through the nozzles in the panels, onto the ice. The brine is very effective in melting snow and ice from your driveway.