Diagnose the Pest/Disease Affecting Your Persimmon Tree

A major benefit of a persimmon tree is that they are relatively problem free. There are some diseases and bugs that will attack them, but they are easily controlled with some mild pesticides and chemicals. If you notice that your persimmon tree is not looking as healthy as it should, here are some possible diagnoses.

Holes in Branches

If you notice small holes being bored along the trunk and branches, chances are that there is an infestation of flat headed borers. These bugs are small, metallic beetles that lay their eggs in the wounds of pruned trees. You can get rid of them by painting over the prunings.

Blossoms and Fruit Drop Quickly

This is not a very serious problem, but if the drop is excessive, you will want to stop it quickly. The major cause of this problem is over-watering and over-fertilization, and when you cut back on these two things, the issue will improve.

Root Rot

There are times when the roots will begin to look like they are rotting. This is caused by the roots being waterlogged; the soil needs to be drained better to get rid of the water.

Brown Lacy Collar on Trunk

At some point during the summer, you might begin to see a brown lacy collar on the tree. If so, your persimmon tree has mites. Spray it with a mild pesticide, and it will be taken care of quickly.