Difference Between Left and Right-Handed Tub Drain

draining bathtub

When installing or replacing a bathtub drain, you may find that you will need to make allowances for a right or left-handed drain. A drop-in tub can be installed either right or left.

Generally, whether the drain is left or right is only important if you are installing a ‘standard’ rectangular bathtub. These tubs with only one finished front can only be installed one way, so the right drains must match because they are pre-punched.

If you are installing a tub that needs a right-hand specific or left-hand specific installation, these options will be mentioned in the specs when you buy the new tub.

Is Your Existing Drain Left or Right-Handed?

Stand at the side of the tub as if you are about to enter, looking at the skirt. See which side the drain is on; this will show whether it is a right or left hand drain. The drain orientation is taken as you look at the tub from it’s accessible side, standing at the ‘head’.

What About Jacuzzis?

In a center drain jacuzzi, a left or right hand designation refers to the pump and motor location.