Different Arbor Types

There are many different arbor types and styles. Adding an arbor to your landscape can be just what it needs to stand out.

Arbors can serve a function

Arbors can add just the right touch to any garden landscape.

  • Arbors with built in benches add some seating and beauty.
  • Arbors are great to show off a climbing vine.
  • Arbors can be used as an opening or gate.

Choose the type of arbor that will compliment your landscape

Be prepared to take some time choosing the perfect arbor. There are many styles and types to choose from. There are gothic, gable, arch, pergola and many other styles. They can be made of wood, copper, iron, and vinyl. One of the most popular uses for an arbor is as a showy display for flowering vines, and grape vines.

An arbor with a bench can add a very nice place to just sit and admire your lovely garden. Once you choose your arbor, place it in around your garden until you find the perfect spot. Take some time to look at all the varieties available. You can even find plans to build an arbor that will be a perfect fit for any garden project.