Different Garden Trellis Types

pink roses growing on a garden trellis

It seems that a garden trellis can come in all shapes and sizes but there are not many different types of trellis--simply different ways of combining them.

Basic Trellis

The basic style of trellis is the panel trellis. Panel trellises come in many shapes and sizes and are used in combinations to create stunning effects in a garden. Panels can be varied by the way they are filled and the material from which they are made. The most popular filling is a simple lattice work of wooden lathes. These lattices can be diagonal or checkerboard. By varying the width of the lathes used the trellis can be made more, or less, open to light--the thicker the lathes the less light passes through.

Fence Trellis

A fence trellis helps to create divisions in a garden. The fence is made up of trellis panels that can be joined together along the edge and can be of varying heights. A simple trellis fence can create a border for a footpath and can only be one foot high. Individual panels would be trellis filled and, if bamboo is used, can have a scalloped effect made by fashioning arcs of bamboo along the top edges. Other fence types can be created using taller trellis panels and only your imagination is required to create different effects.

Wall Trellis

Trellis panels can be used to decorate a wall, especially if the trellis work is artistic. It is not unusual to see wall trellis panels filled with images and effects created by cleverly formed bamboo or wooden abstract designs. A basic wall trellis with a lattice work fill can be used above a flower bed to encourage climbing plants to spread. Other wall trellises can be used to add height to a wall. These are similar to the border trellis used alongside footpaths.

Planter Trellis

A planter trellis is designed to stand in a planter and has the 2 sides extended to create ‘legs’ that will be set into the soil contained in the planter. These trellises are used to help tall or climbing plants to grow when the planter is not positioned against a convenient wall. Planter trellises can be shaped like fans to give plants a natural growth pattern. Some planter trellises are made of tall triangular panels and used in combinations of three or four to create a pyramid over the planter. These encourage climbing plants to grow to the apex, spread out and fall back to give the effect of a fountain of greenery.

Arch Trellis

An arch trellis is designed to carry plants over a foot path or encourage rambling plants to spread vertically instead of horizontally. Some mass-produced arch trellises are created in one piece but many hand made ones are constructed of 3 panels--2 tall panels for the sides and an arched panel for the top.

Trellis panels can be any shape or size and combined in any way you want—a truly versatile piece of garden equipment.