Different Hammock Chair Designs

The hammock chair is an evolution on the classical hammock. With a reinforced supporting back and innovative seating design, you may find a hammock chair in a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes. Before making a purchase, read on to learn the scope of the choices available, including colors and fabrics.

Hammock Chair Styles

A hammock chair may resemble a porch swing, or it may look somewhat like an oriental-style bell chair. The former type is suitable for 1 or 2 people, while the latter variety is designed expressly as a single person chair, ideal for reading or simple relaxation.

Similarly, hammock chairs may be stand-alone models with a proprietary stand or hanger, or they may be attached to walls or even suspended for the ceiling. For a porch or gazebo, a swing for 2 is a great idea, but suspending a single-person hanging chair under the eaves of the house is ideal for a quick and easy installation.

Basic Hammock Materials

There are many types of materials available for hammock swings. Outdoor models are often built with a wooden stand and mounted using nylon, vinyl or rayon materials. Indoor varieties are available in lighter fabrics, like cotton or canvas. Both indoor and outdoor styles come in the familiar fishnet style.

For the best performance and longest period of usefulness, choose the stand and construction materials according to how the swing will be used. Indoors, wood is more suitable than metal. Outdoor hammock chairs should be made with nylon or vinyl, not with organic materials that will quickly decompose.

Permanent or Portable?

Do you want a portable hammock, or one that is fixed between 2 points? The portable model will always have the additional requirement of a stand that must be moved around with it. These stands can be very expensive—more than double the price of the hammock itself.

Semi-permanent hammocks can be directly attached to fixed posts or a pair of suitable trees, or even suspended from the rafters of a pergola. Which type is best for your needs will depend on a number of factors, including preferred materials and price.

Personal Touches

Decorate your hammock and stand with custom paints, decals or accessory trim such as tassels or rhinestones. Use you favorite team's colors for the design, or add throw pillows that feature team logos. Paint the stand to help it match the patio or garden theme. Use your imagination, and incorporate your favorite ideas into the hammock. Add a large, colorful lawn umbrella for shade.

Various Options

Which design or material is right for you depends on the location and space you have available, as well as how much you are willing to spend. Designs are available for indoor, outdoor and portable usage, and sport a wide assortment of patterns and colors. Small or large, net-weave or solid sheets, the hammock chair is extremely versatile and fits well with almost any interior or garden design plans.