Different Sizes Of Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders

can completely change the look of any room. They are the same material and concept as regular wallpaper, but offer the convenience of easy installation and just a touch of decoration. Traditional wall paper is generally found in rolls that are 21 inches wide and about 30 feet long. Borders are available in sizes much different. They are usually found in sizes anywhere from six to nine inches wide. Here’s what you should know about the sizing available.

9 Inches and Wider

If you have really high ceilings, or are using the wallpaper to create a chair rail in a large room then a wide border will work for you. If you use a wide border in a room with seven feet or lower ceilings, the border will end up looking clumsy and bulky.

Borders 8 Inches and Under

If you are wanting to add a border to a small room, or just want a small decorative flair, then a smaller border is best to use. 6 inch borders are great to use in children’s rooms. Most kitchens and bathrooms will also look best with borders of this size. If you have a room that you want the border to be the focal point, then you may consider using a border that is 7 or 8 inches.

The size of the border will have a lot to do with how the room looks overall.