Different Styles of Cupola Finials

Once you choose the size and style of cupola to enhance the rooftop of your house or building, there is one more decision to be made: the finial. Cupola finials are the decorative ornaments or decorative spires that finish the top of the cupola, leading your eye smoothly from structure to sky. Consider the overall aesthetic of the building when choosing cupola and finial styles. 

Decorative Ornaments

Cupola finials are made from a variety of materials like, copper, steel, wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Finials are ornamental in nature so the style of finial you choose should match the style of your cupola. Finials come in a wide variety of styles to compliment a range of architectural design from colonial to modern. They can be pointed, rounded, curving, ornate or straight. Some finials mimic a wooden rooftop or fence post cap. Some finials have a spherical top and some come to a sharp point. 

Functional Finials

Finials can also be more than just decorative spires for your roof. If your cupola spire is grounded properly and conforms to the minimum height requirements for conducting electricity, the spire can also serve as a lightning rod for your house or building.

A finial to complement your cupola is an elegant and possibly functional addition to any rooftop.