Different Types of Drawer Fronts

There is a wide variety of door fronts available.


The simplest style of drawer front is the slab drawer. This is a simple piece of wood that has no decorative routing or carving. The only variations may include different types of cuts around the edges.

Raised Panel

Raised panel drawer fronts have an extra piece of wood in the middle of the drawer, creating a panel that stands out from the rest of the drawer. This style can have a variety of decorative cuts that add style to the drawer front.

Recessed Panel

As the name implies, the opposite of the raised panel is the recessed panel drawer front. These drawers are often constructed with an outer frame, and a thinner panel is placed in the center.


Some drawer fronts feature decorative molding as an accent to the piece. They are not truly a panel, but create the illusion of additional wood.


The Shaker style of drawer front is a simple style with clean lines. There are different interpretations of the Shaker style, including styles with squared edges or beading. Whatever the interpretation,  the Shaker drawer fronts will have little decorative carving.