Different Types of Exterior Security Lighting

Exterior lights.

Exterior security lighting plays an important role in preventing unauthorized entry to homes and office buildings as well as provides luminance to dark areas of your house and other structures. Burglars and intruders prefer to break in into houses that are dark which means that a well-lit house is less appealing to lawless elements.

There are many types of exterior security lights that you can choose from such as security lights with motion sensors, dusk to down security lights, and floodlights. As well as providing security, exterior security lighting can also enhance landscaping and other exterior architectural elements of your house or office building.

Motion-Activated Exterior Security Lights.

If you want to have an exterior security light to protect your properties from unwanted entry, but do not want to spend too much on your electricity bills, then you should get motion-activated exterior security lights. Unlike other exterior security lights that are turned on the whole night and consume a lot of energy, motion-activated exterior security lights only activate when it detects a presence of movement in a specific area.

Motion-activated security lights are ideally placed at entry areas, backyards, and swimming pool areas. Lights should also be placed in locations where they are not directly exposed to outside elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

Halogen Exterior Flood Lights

Halogen exterior flood lights are among the most common exterior security lighting that you can find in residential areas, commercial buildings, and industrial structures. Halogen exterior flood lights emit strong light at a flick of the switch. Halogen flood lights consume more energy than most types of exterior floodlights.

Solar Flood Lights

For a more environment-friendly approach to exterior security lighting, there are solar flood lights. Solar flood lights work the same as any other exterior security lights except that instead of getting their power supply from an electrical outlet, they collect and turn the heat of the sun into solar energy and use that energy to power their LED bulbs. This means that having a solar flood light will not contribute to an increase in your energy bills. Most solar flood lights are independent units that do not require wiring.

Fluorescent Exterior Security Lights

The most conventional exterior security lighting is the fluorescent flood light. You can purchase fluorescent exterior lighting at any home improvement store or make one yourself. All you will need is a couple of fluorescent bulbs, electrical wires, switch, electrical sockets, and bulb sockets. You can also use various lighting fixtures such as a dimmer and a timer for your homemade fluorescent exterior lighting.

HID Exterior Security Lighting

HID stands for high-intensity discharge which is exactly what it does. An HID emits a strong light incomparable to that of other exterior lighting types. HID security lights can cover a larger area and are ideal for parking lots, sport stadiums, and other large residential, commercial, and industrial structures.