Different Types of Support Shelves

shelves along a kitchen wall

Support shelves come in various shapes and sizes, and they are important accessories found in practically any room. The type of support shelf you should use depends mainly on the weight and size of objects placed on it, together with its dimensions. Here we shall discuss some of these different types of support shelves.

1. Built In Shelves

Shelves can be built in between two vertical sides. These sides can be the two walls of a room which are facing each other, or one can also use an existing alcove. This type of shelving is usually very practical, as it uses up space efficiently. Obviously, such a shelving system has the disadvantage of being determined by the width between these two sides. However, you can alter the height of the shelves by choosing the height to apply between one shelf and the other.

2. With Brackets

shelf brackets

Fixing shelves by means of brackets is probably the cheapest and easiest way to install shelves. The brackets chosen obviously need to be of a high quality and good resistance. Furthermore, one has to be able to determine whether more than just two brackets on either side of the shelf are enough. If the shelf is quite long, or if it has to support heavy items, then it may be best to fix another bracket in the middle, or even more than one. Applying the right amount of brackets will prevent the shelf from possibly sagging and also increase its security. Shelf brackets have the advantage of being available in various sizes, materials, colors, finishes and styles.

3. Adjustable Shelving Systems

shelves full of china

These types of support shelves are available to increase or decrease storage space according to one’s changing requirements. As the name implies, they are adjustable, so their length and height can be varied depending on the types and sizes of items one needs to store on them. Usually, they are made in such a way that the shelving panels can be inserted into vertical rails in a variety of positions. They can be slotted in, and basically, they clip into place once positioned. Then, they can easily be pulled out to be placed at a lower or higher level, or else to establish a new length, since sometimes even the shelves themselves can be pulled or pushed to vary in size. These types of shelves are ideal for box rooms, attics, warehouses, shops, stores, and garages. They are usually made from stainless steel and are very robust; hence, they can support heavy weights and bulky items.

4. Shelf Units

For more professional looking shelving systems usually used in a living room, study or office, there are the fixed types of shelf units. These are, more often than not, made from wood. Such shelf units include bookcases and wall units. Such shelving units are frequently made to measure to fit a particular wall or when one has already established what type of items will be stored in them. Their sizes consequently vary from narrow shelves ideal for small items, such as DVDs or books, to wider shelves ideal for storing plates.

These are the main types of support shelves you will find available. For whatever purpose your shelving is intended for, you are bound to find the ideal type which serves your needs.