Different Varieties Of Caladium

Caladium plants come in multiple varieties. The most popular types include Angel Wings, Elephant Ear, White Christmas, Florida Beauty, Rosebud, Brandywine and Red Flash. Caladiums work well as both houseplants and outdoor plants, depending on the variety you want to grow. They can be used as a border plant, as a filler, or as a centerpiece for your landscaping. Caladiums come in a variety of colors, including green, white, red, pink and coral.

Elephant Ear – Colocasia Esculenta

Elephant ear is a very popular outdoor variety of caladium. This variety comes in three sizes: small, medium and huge. Its leaves tend to be large and look like green elephant ears. This variety is sun tolerant and therefore can be used as a centerpiece for your landscaping, or can be used to fill in large spaces in your yard. While elephant ear is a tropical species, it can survive as an annual plant in more temperate climates.

Angel Wings – C. hortulanum

Angel wings is another popular variety of caladium. This variety is distinctive in that it is a very colorful variety. Its leaves are coral pink with splashes of green and white. This is a popular variety of houseplant and can be grown on a windowsill. Angel wings, like other types of caladium need indirect sunlight and moist soil.

Florida Beauty Caladium

Florida Beauty is a special variety of caladium. It has lime green leaves with pink splotches. It is a medium sized caladium that prefers partial shade. This variety is tropical in nature and does better as a houseplant if you live in hardiness zones known for more temperate climate conditions.

White Christmas Caladium

White Christmas, as its name suggests, is a caladium with white leaves. The white heart shaped leaves are accented with dark green striation that outline veins and also create an attractive leaf border. This is a tall variety of caladium and it has large heart shaped leaves. If you want to grow the White Christmas variety of caladium you will need to plant it in the shade, as this is where it will do the best.

Red Flash Caladium

The Red Flash caladium is a striking variety. It has a dark green leaf with red vein striations and white spots. It is a medium to large sized caladium that does the best in partial to full shade. This is a variety of caladium that works well as a border plant or as an edger.

Rosebud Caladium

If you are interested in a caladium that does well as a houseplant then consider the Rosebud caladium. This variety has an attractive pink center with pink striations. It then fans into a white or light green halo with a dark green border. This is a medium sized caladium that will tolerate sunlight.

Brandywine Caladium

One of the most visually stunning varieties of caladium is the Brandywine Caladium. This variety is known for its deep velvet red leaves. The leaves are very large, especially when compared to the size of the plant. This caladium makes a great houseplant and does best when grown with indirect sunlight.