Different Ways To Attach Area Rugs To The Floor

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What You'll Need
Glue or a glue gun and glue sticks
Latex rug gripper
Rubber backing
Rug pad
Rug liner
Rug cushion
Oriental rug pad

Area rugs add a decorative element to any room. They can also be used to cover areas of cold floors that are walked on regularly. The important thing about laying down area rugs is that it is done safely to prevent slips and falls. There are eight different methods you can use to lay down the rugs, depending on your needs.

Method 1: Lay Down

Some area rugs do not have to be attached to the floor. These rugs have pre-existing non-slip bottoms that perform the task. These are great rugs that need nothing more than to be put into place.

Method 2: Glue

Another way to keep an area rug in place is with glue. You can use regular glue or a glue gun and glue sticks to accomplish this task making the rug unable to slide easily across the floor. Simply apply the glue in squiggles on the back of the rug and allow to dry.

Method 3: Oriental Rug Pads

If an oriental rug is being used, they usually have pads to be used specifically for them. These pads will secure the rug to any residential flooring surface. This type of non-slip pad can be used for other types of rugs as well. Do not use this type of backing in damp areas.

Method 4: Rug Cushions

This type of backing is for hard surfaces such as hardwood and tile. It is easier to vacuum a rug when using this backing because the rug itself is kept smooth. The rug cushion can be trimmed to fit the rug.

Method 5: Rug Liners

Rug liners are another type of backing for area rugs. They are affordable and made to be durable and long-lasting. This type of backing is also used for hardwood floors and tiles but not for softer floor types.

Method 6: Rug Pads

Rug pads are also viable options. These can be purchased in varying degrees of thickness. They can even be made from organic and natural materials making them a healthier choice for any home. While not suitable for damp areas, this liner works well on most types of flooring as well as carpeting.

Method 7: Latex Rug Gripper

This is an excellent choice for area rug backing and is environmentally friendly. The latex has a dry adhesive that is water-based. These are attached the rug in order to prevent slippage. This is a tape-like product that is simply placed around the perimeter of the underside of the area rug. This will work with all flooring types including carpeting.

Method 8: Rubber Backing

Why not try a rubber backing for an area rug? Made from natural rubber, these backings work great underneath rugs that are located on hardwood or tile floors.

Rug liners help to protect both the rug and the floor underneath the rug. They are also a necessary safety feature for the home making it unlikely that someone will be injured to a rug slipping.