Different Ways To Use Marble Slab

The use of marble slab is a time-honored tradition and remains the most popular natural stone used in construction to date. It is found in both public and private building construction and appears as part of structures as well as in decorative accents. Marble slab is used in both interior as well as exterior design. It is highly sought after and compared to other stones like limestone, onyx, travertine, and others; marble is held as the most durable. This is the reason it continues to be a popular choice for many home remodeling projects.

Interior Uses

Marble slabs used in a number of interior uses. These include popularly using marble as a fireplace construction material. The use of marble slab adds a great elegant look to your fireplace enhancing the beauty of the room as well as increasing the value of your home. It is also used in constructing columns that echo the grandeur of past architecture when installed in large rooms. Columns evoke a sense of majesty and mastery and have always been common components when designing government buildings. Columns indicate power and authority as well. Marble slabs are also a common and popular choice for large room flooring where a highly polished and elegant look is desired.

Exterior Uses

Marble columns have existed since time out of mind and are still used as a popular design element in both large-scale commercial building as well as home construction. Additionally, marble slabs are used as decorative walkways, tables, benches, wall dividers, and many other outdoor uses that add a certain sense of beauty to its surroundings.

Smaller Scale

Although marble slabs are not necessarily used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, marble tiling is. It remains the most popular choice in home construction today. However, marble slabs have become very popular when used in furniture construction. Everything from tables to stools can be constructed from marble slabs. Marble can be carved into decorative benches, tables, countertops, room dividers, columns, fireplace surrounds and mantelpieces, and hundreds of other applications the imaginative mind can conjure.


Marble slabs have long been the object for mankind’s greatest artists who chip away to reveal the image hidden within. A great deal of religious image depiction has been carved from marble because it is soft enough to make even the most detailed and delicate features. Some of the greatest art pieces of all time were created from marble. Artists have always been intrigued for generations about the beauty, sophistication, and elegance a marble artwork can present. Marble statuary evokes an air of royalty and wealth. Sculptors create many impressive structures from selected blocks of marble slab that presented the artist with a challenge to put his chisels, hammers, and hand drills to the task.