Dill Weed versus Dill Seed

Dill weed and dill seeds are a product of the dill plant. Dill is a tall herb plant that grows to great heights and adapts to most garden climates annually. Its seeds and its leaves are of great value in preparing food and have medicinal properties as well. Dill makes for a suitable choice as a garden plant or even in a container garden. The average height of a dill plant can go up to 34 to 36 inches, and needs protection from the wind on account of its height.

Dill gets its name from the Vikings from the Scandinavian word dilla, which means soothing. Dill is extensively used in Indian, German, Russian and Thai cooking but widely disregarded in Italian and French cooking, which favor fennel over dill. Recent studies have discovered that there are special chemicals in dill called polyacetylenes, that may have cancer fighting properties.

Dill weed refers to the leaf part of the plant, while dill seeds refer to the seeds of the plant. There is a major difference in their usage in cooking, and chefs will never recommend using them interchangeably. Dill seeds are strong in flavour and are used as a spice to be cooked. Dill weed can be frozen or preserved and used for flavoring later.

What Do You Need to Grow Dill?

It's not difficult to grow dill in your own backyard. All you need is a sunny spot in your garden that's protected from harsh winds. You might also want to consider harvesting herbs of a different kind along with your dill plants, for protection from pests and to have a variety in crop yield in your garden. However, do not grow carrots along with dill plants, as they may not do well together.

Preservation and Drying Dill Weeds and Seeds

Dill weeds are dark green colored leaves that can be preserved and dried. Use natural air drying methods in trays or pans. There are artificial methods of preserving dill weed, but they destroy the natural oils of the leaves. This in turn reduces the flavour of them. Dill weed may be stored in plastic bags or freezers and can be used later.

Dill seeds are easy to store. They should be stored in dry plastic containers in a cool, dry place.

Methods of Growth

Dill weed is not as feasible as dill seeds when it comes to methods of propagation and growth. Dill seeds can be planted into the soil directly and need direct sunlight. While dill weed transplants are also carried out, they are not as common as dill seed propagation. Dill seeds grow in large numbers and are responsible for the natural pollination and growth of dill plants. Sowing plants through the dill weed method requires great care and planning.