Disable a Passenger Airbag: Safety Advantages and Disadvantages

Some car owners prefer to disable passenger airbags as they believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages to doing so. However, you should also try to ascertain other implications and considerations following such an action, as we shall highlight hereunder.

Deaths and Injuries

Airbags have significantly help to reduce injuries and deaths following car accidents. Mainly, they help to reduce head, neck and chest injuries following impacts. They will then deflate afterwards so as to avoid suffocation risks. After all airbags were primarily meant for improved safety purposes, and disabling them will help to make your car less safe in some respects.

Babies and Children

If, however, your passengers are mainly babies or children in car seats, then you may prefer to disable passenger airbags. This is due to the fact that it can be safer due to their heights and related possible risks. In the case the airbag does not deflate afterwards, a child will be unable to set free from it, and possibly risk suffocation. Having said that, it is important to avoid having kids sitting in the front passenger seat.

Possible Problems

Another advantage of disabling your airbags, is that in some cases, it has been proved that airbags could be potentially quite dangerous. Basically, since airbags inflate at a great speed, they could cause whiplash and related injuries.