Disadvantages of Traditional House Plans

A man works on blueprints.

Traditional house plans, which are also referred to as vernacular architecture design, use resources and materials that are local and available to the builder. The disadvantage of traditional house plans is the limitation placed on the availability of certain materials needed to accomplish the design or build for the homeowner. Traditional house plans are predicated on preserving the sanctity of local building styles and reflect the context of the community the home is located.

Limitations Placed on Traditional House Plans

Using a traditional house plan limits the designer to choosing among the building materials that are available for a given area or community. This may force the designer to alter plans or limit their choice of what can and cannot be used in order to realize the house design.

These limitations may have a profound effect on the ability of the homeowner to have the type of home that they truly desire, including the use of sustainable materials to make it more green and energy efficient.

Overcoming Traditional House Plan Limitations

When looking to incorporate a traditional house plan into your home, a homeowner should allow the designer flexibility to deviate from the plan to bring other design and building elements into the plan. This will help the homeowner stay somewhat true to their desire for traditional design.