Disadvantages of Using Energy from Fossil Fuels

A large percentage of the population uses energy from fossil fuels on a daily basis. While this is what most people are used to, there are some definite problems with using fossil fuels. Here are some of the disadvantages that come with using energy from fossil fuels.


The costs that are involved with drilling and digging for fossil fuels are excessive. This leads to increased energy costs for everyone that uses this type of fuel.

Limited Supply

Another issue with fossil fuels is that they have a limited supply. We will eventually run out of fossil fuels at some point in the future. Every day, we get closer to running out of the supply. 


When we use fossil fuels, we are contributing to pollution levels in the environment. When you burn fossil fuels, it puts off dangerous gases that can harm the ozone layer. This pollution can also harm the environment in many other ways. 

Carbon Dioxide 

Another problem that comes with using too much fossil fuel is the excess carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels put off a great deal of carbon dioxide when they are burned. This leads to an increase in the gas in the atmosphere which helps contribute to global warming.