Disguising Unsightly Bathroom Wall Cabinets

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Bathroom wall cabinets are among the central features in most bathrooms. If your cabinets are unattractive, you may be looking for a way to create a more attractive appearance in your bathroom. Consider these options.

Refinishing Surfaces

The most involved but effective way to improve unsightly bathroom cabinets is to completely refinish them. You can usually refinish cabinets in a single; moreover, when you are finished, you will be happy with the results.

Wood Cabinets

Remove the doors and drawers. Use a sander to remove the existing paint and varnish. Wipe the cabinet and door surface clean with a damp cloth. Then paint or spray a thin layer of sealer and allow it to dry. Next, apply fresh stain or paint

Metal Cabinets

Although metal bathroom cabinets are inexpensive, they're not popular today partly because they require regular maintenance, including refinishing. In many cases, refinishing simply involves removing the old paint, repairing any damage, then repainting the cabinets.

Hiding Cabinets

Another way to disguise bathroom wall cabinets is to hide them. Some bathrooms particularly lend themselves to this redecorating method. You can make lower wall cabinets or vanities look like a table with a pleated or ruffled skirt.

Select a fabric that compliments your bathroom décor and staple it to the upper edge of the cabinet. If you are creating a pleated skirt, staple each pleat along the upper edge of the cabinet. Then take a finishing ribbon or fabric edging and carefully glue it to the upper edge, covering the staples.

Distressing Cabinets

Another interesting way to disguise problematic bathroom cabinets is to distress them. This method involves removing the cabinet doors and using nails, chains, and abrasives to gouge and mar the surface of the cabinets. This method is particularly effective for wood cabinets. Once you have finished marring, rub the stain into the wood to create texture on the surface of the cabinets.

You can also repaint the cabinets, then use a lint-free cloth to wipe some of the paint away. This type of distressing camouflages damaged wood and other flaws in the surface.

Bathroom wall cabinets are among the primary features in a bathroom. If your cabinets have flaws or are marred, you can disguise the imperfections by distressing or refinishing your cabinets. You can also cover them with a cabinet skirt.