Disinfectant: How to Disinfect Your Electronics

Always keep a proper disinfectant in your home to combat the many illnesses that are spread through germs and bacteria. Even the electronic items you use are breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms. Clean devices like your computer keyboard, phone and other everyday items to prevent the spread of disease.

Effectively Clean your Electronics

  • Ensure the main switch is turned off and plug is pulled out.
  • Use a soft brush to clean keyboards, monitors, phones, scanners, printers and other electronics. This will take off visible dust and dirt from both surfaces and gaps/
  • Lightly spray disinfectant on a soft cloth or paper towel before wiping items clean.
  • Use equal parts of water and white vinegar to wipe down electronic items. Ensure that the cloth you use is wrung out well. In addition to disinfecting your electronic items, this can also keep them shiny clean.