Distress a Leather Jacket

What You'll Need
Spray bottles (empty, two or three)
Rubbing alcohol
Low grit sandpaper
Wire brush
Clean rag

Distress leather is always fashionable especially if it is a distressed leather jacket. There is no need to purchase a “worn out” look leather jacket, just garb your own old lather jacket and give it a distressed look. Distressing leather isn’t a tough job and you it may prove to be enjoyable too. There are several methods you can use in order to achieve a distressed look but the following method is the quickest and easiest method there is.

Step 1: Filling the Empty Spray Bottles

The first thing to do is to insert the rubbing alcohol into the empty spray bottles. Take the necessary precautions while performing this task and take your time, there is no hurry. Once you are done leave them to settle for a few minutes.

Step 2: Prepare the Area to Be Distressed

Now use the spray bottles filled with rubbing alcohol and spray the area on your leather jacket you wish to distress. Make sure to saturate the area well with this liquid.

Step 3: Using the Wire Brush

Now with the help of the wire brush, mistreat the area where you sprayed the rubbing alcohol. Start by rubbing it slowly and gradually increasing to create a natural distressed look. Distress with patience otherwise you will worn out the leather, so try to be a little careful. This is done to allow the leather to be loosened for further distressing.

Step 4: Sanding the Leather Jacket

Now to create a further distressed look, use the low-grit sandpaper and rub it over the selected areas. The latter will make the leather smoother. Use the same method as before, that is, starting slowly and gradually increasing. Once the leather dries, the worked areas will look lighter than the rest of the jacket.  

Step 5:  Repeat the Process

You can repeat this process on all of the areas you wish to distress. Remember to monitor your work otherwise the leather jacket may be worn out. Make sure to create a sensible distressed look otherwise it will look unbalanced and unnatural. Try to be as accurate as possible, imagining the crucial areas to distress, like elbow, front, collar, sides and back areas, since you cannot erase your work.

Step 6: Cleaning the Leather Jacket

This step will unveil all of your work. Grab one of the empty spray bottles and fill it with water. Now spray the water on one distressed part and clean it off with a clean rag. Repeat this process until you have cleaned the leather jacket properly. If you want a more distressed look just repeat the steps from the beginning, keeping in mind to go slower since this would be the second treatment

Creating a distressed look for your leather jacket isn't difficult. With some patience and imagination you can create a natural distressed look to your leather jacket.