Diving Board Stand: 3 Replacement Parts You Need

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A diving board stand is an essential part of a diving board. The diving board stand is built so the diving board remains a certain distance from the pool deck. The height of a diving board stand depends on the design. Typically these stands are built using highly resilient materials, but occasional maintenance may be necessary. These are three diving board stand replacement parts worth keeping around.

Screws and Bolts

Keep several duplicates of screws and bolts used in the diving board stand. The extras, like the originals that came with the diving board, should at least be coated with a water-resistant material. Screws and bolts will deteriorate over time due to water exposure so they may occasionally need to be replaced.

Nuts and Washers

Keep extra nuts and washers. Like the screws and bolts, these should at least be coated in a water-resistant material.


Keep extra sealant designed for the material your diving board is made from. This sealant should be put on the diving board every six months to one year to prevent sun and water damage. Apply the sealant using a paintbrush in smooth strokes.