DIY a Magnetic Spice Rack

A magnetic spice rack in a kitchen.
  • 1-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-50
What You'll Need
Metal spice containers
Several feet of sticky magnetic tape
Spice jar labels
Metal sheet 24 X48 inches is a good size but chose the size to fit the space
Drywall screws
Drywall anchors (if necessary)
Cordless drill

Magnetic spice racks can be a beautiful way to clear some clutter out of the kitchen. The colors of the different spices will add a decorative touch to a boring space and the rack adds accessibility. There are a couple of different ways to put together a magnetic spice rack, but they're all dependent on the needs of the chef and the layout of the kitchen. Determine where the spice rack should be -- if there is a decent amount of wall space, a popular design for this type of spice rack is to hang a metal sheet. However, this method does take some handy know-how. So, if you have a metal appliance such as a fridge, it can be used as a spice rack base. These two choices will require about an afternoon to assemble once the materials are gathered.

Purchase and Clean the Spice Containers

Wipe down the metal spice containers. Glass containers have recently become popular, however, the spice containers can easily fall at an inopportune moment. A metal container will bounce and may get dented, but with a glass container, it is likely to shatter. Lightweight metal options can be found wholesale online at a reasonable price.

Magnetize the Containers

open bags of spices

Cut the sticky magnetic tape to fit across the bottom of the spice containers and apply the sticky side to the bottom of the container. If using the appliance method, this is all the heavy lifting that needs to be done. Add the labels and fill the containers with spices. Be sure whatever metal surface the containers will attach to is also clean. This will ensure a stronger magnetic connection

Cut the Sheet Metal to Size

If using the blank wall rack technique, make sure the sheet metal fits into the desired location. If not most large hardware supply stores can assist with cutting it or getting the correct size.

Locate Wall Studs

using a stud finder to mark a stud

Find the studs in the wall that the sheet of metal will be attached to, and mark them off. Drill corresponding holes through the sheet metal to guarantee that when it is placed against the wall, screws can easily be drilled into the studs. If a screw will not be placed in a stud, a drywall anchor can be used to strengthen the attachment.

Hang the Metal on the Wall

Attach the sheet metal to the wall using drywall screws. If the sheet metal has sharp or unsightly edges, an empty frame of the right size can be purchased and nailed over the sheet metal as a decorative touch.

Label and Fill the Jars

Label the spice jars and fill them. Be sure to clean the sheet metal to remove any grime. If a high polish shine is desired, stainless steel polish can be bought at the store for a few dollars. Attach the jars to the metal and start cooking!