DIY Canopy Bed: Alternatives for a Small Room

Four-poster canopy beds are notoriously romantic, dramatic, and simply beautiful. However, if you live in a small space, you may not have enough room for your dream canopy bed. Luckily, there are many alternatives when it comes to adding a canopy to a small space. 


At many home improvement stores, you can purchase canopies made of a gauzy, mosquito net-like fabric that are attached to a ring. They hang from a hook on the ceiling at the head of your bed, and drape in a flowing way around the sides. These come in bright colors and are especially popular for children (conveniently, as kids' rooms tend to be smaller). In a neutral shade, they can add a bohemian touch to a master bedroom as well. 


For a polished, regal look, try a wall-mounted canopy. Use a rounded cornice box and mount it near the ceiling above the head of your bed. Staple a heavy fabric of your choice on the inside of the cornice box, with one panel on each side. It will create a curtain-like feel, and make a frame around your bed. This canopy bed option will take up minimal space as the entire thing will stick out less than a foot from the wall. Wall-mounted canopies are more appropriate for master bedrooms and adult spaces. They have a more sophisticated look, and they may be made with an expensive fabric that wouldn't be appropriate around children.

Ceiling Ring

Create your own canopy-like structure by suspending a sturdy, metal ring from the ceiling above the very center of your bed. Drape large sheets of fabric from the ring in a flowing way, and staple them to the ceiling so that the ends hang down toward the bed. Make sure that the sheets are large enough that they'll hang down from the ceiling; they shouldn't be pulled taut. There should be plenty of room to drape them loosely. 


Try mounting two hooks to the wall behind your bed, and using them to hold up a pretty curtain rod. Hang your favorite fabric from the rod and let it drape down behind the head of your bed. While the fabric won't surround the bed itself, it will act as a sort of headboard and add a pretty, decorative touch to the wall of your bed. For a more canopy like look, pull the ends up toward the ceiling and secure them with staples. The cloth will billow above your bed creating a lovely pattern, and if long enough can then drape down to your footboard

Fake Four-Poster

You can create the feel of a four-poster bed and save a lot of space by attaching curtain rods to your ceiling, forming a square around the sides of your bed. Hang curtains of fabric from each of them so that a sheet flanks the sides, head, and foot of your bed. You can pull the panels back and attach them to one another at the corners, and then let them down once you're in bed. You'll feel like your snuggling up in a comfy cave.