DIY Caster Adjustment Tips

A caster adjustment is the technique used to bring the front wheels of a car forward. People consider that moving the lower sections of your front wheels forward using this method will give you better handling. Most of the time, this caster adjustment is made by mechanics, but it is possible to do-it-yourself, by following a few simple tips.

Measure from the Doors

Rather than measuring the distance from the rim of the tire to the mudguard, as many garages do, you should use a tape measure to take the distance from the tire rim to the point between the 2 doors on that side. The distances must be the same for both sides. Also, take the measurements of the distance between the front tire rim and the back tire rim. Again, these measurements should be the same for both sides.

Insert Caster Shims

Insert the shims until the control arm of your caster is perfectly straight. There should be no forward or backward slanting of the caster (unless you want it to have one). When you have adjusted the caster to your satisfaction, screw in the shims using a bolt, and then place the car on the ground. Measure again.