DIY Contemporary Bedroom Design Tips

Contemporary bedroom design is comparable to "hotel chic." It is largely defined by the neutral colors and the sleek lines, paired with a tidy appearance of contrasting colors. Patterns are not something one associates greatly with contemporary but some subtle patterns are used occasionally.

Color Choices

Beige, brown, cream, mushroom and coffee are common contemporary colors which you can apply to your DIY style bedroom. While these colors tend to be more "masculine" choices, women will also choose them. Beige walls, two-tone quilt cover, perhaps consisting of brown and gold offer a more feminine look.


Contemporary bedroom lamps can be square or round but they are not usually ornate. Plain lighting with a dimmer switch is more appropriate to modern contemporary. Bed side lamps are usually small and with light beige shades.


Contemporary flooring doesn’t usually include carpet. Wooden or laminate floor seems to be the design of choice and the use of plain light colored rugs for accessory effects is preferred. If you must choose carpet, sea grass is probably the best option.

Key Concepts

The key to contemporary designs for the DIY bedroom is mainly the choice of color coupled with the choice of furniture. The best era to compare modern contemporary design on is the 1960s where everything was simply designed, without ostentatious patterns or details. It was refined and simplistic, yet functional and attractive.