DIY Custom Window Drapery Treatments

When you own a home or rent an apartment you will always have windows, but they can look so cold and boring without window drapery treatments. You may not be able to find the right drapery treatments but it is possible, with very little effort, to put together your own window drapery treatments. The article that follows will share with you some great ideas to help you get on your way dressing that window.

Split Gate

This is one of the most basic things you can do or have done to dress up your windows. You will need a curtain that is as long as the window (or at least appears to be) and a curtain rod. You can also use any type of fabric if you do not want to purchase a real curtain. There are two panels needed for this treatment. Place each on the same curtain rod and hang it over the window. Gather up one side of the curtain around the center, but closer toward the bottom, and tie it off with matching fabric. The lower you tie off the curtain translates to a narrower opening.

Accent Treatment

This type of drapery treatment is used in conjunction with a traditional curtain. This is assuming that you have a curtain rod inserted in a series of hooks. If not then you will have to install some but this is not hard to do. You can use any type of fabric for an accent as long as it is long enough to cover the span of the window and enough to drape down the sides. You will basically gather the fabric and place it in the hooks. Once there the ends will drape down the sides of the window. You can play with it a little bit to create dipping and accordion or kilt pleats.

Covered Cornice

Some window shades will come with a cornice that encases the curtain rod and protrudes out from the window. The cornice is very noticeable and is typically only one color. They are not very pleasing to look at and certainly do not add anything to the space or the window. You can remedy this choosing a fabric that goes with the drapes. Remove the cornice from the window and upholster it using the fabric you chose. You can staple or glue it to the cornice.

Stenciled Drapery Treatments

This very well may be one of the most fun projects you can do in your home and is especially suited for a children’s room. Find a design (or several) that you like and print them out on the home computer. Cut out the design and trace it on a piece of solid fabric and cut it out. You are only interested in the silhouette. Purchase sheer fabric and cut it in to two panels. Stitch the fabric stencils to the sheer fabric on each side, then hang it behind the current drapes. If the current window drapery is also sheer you will create a layered look along with a design element.