DIY Deep Clean for Your Skin

woman with avocado

Browsing the sea of cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and cleansing tools can be overwhelming, and many of these products are costly. The same goes for the peels, facials, and other services offered by spas and salons. Thankfully, there are simple and natural ways to deep clean your pores from the comfort of your own home. With these methods, you won’t need to spend a ton of money, and you’ll still be happy with the results.

Use Steam

One of the easiest ways to clean out your pores doesn’t involve anything other than H2O. Steam is the perfect way to open your skin, releasing built up dirt and bacteria. Steam also softens blackheads, making it easier to extract them. Finally, steam promotes circulation.

Create your own face steamer by warming up a pot of water, then pouring it into a bowl or leaving it right in the pot. Place a towel over your head and lower your face into the proximity of the water, trapping the steam around your face. If desired, add a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to the water. The mint will be refreshing and rejuvenating, and the tea tree oil can sooth skin troubled by breakouts.

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Use Parsley

Parsley is great for cleansing pores and diminishing dark spots, making it the perfect natural ingredient for a home spa. Use this herb every other day by soaking a head of it in warm water. After it’s soaked for at least ten minutes, dip a washcloth into the water and apply the mixture to your face, allowing it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. If you’d rather make a parsley mask, soak the head in water and then chop it into small pieces. Mix the pieces with a tablespoon of raw honey. Apply this mixture to your face for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water and pat your face dry.

Scrub and Exfoliate

Give your face a good scrub with a homemade exfoliator to really rid pores of gunk that leads to imperfections and pesky pimples. Start by making your exfoliator. Combine a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of raw, organic honey. Mix them together, applying the mixture to your damp face. Move your fingers in circular motions to amp up the exfoliation. Use warm water and a washcloth to remove the mixture once you’re done scrubbing. Sugar works as the natural exfoliant with its rough texture. If you find it unpleasantly coarse, substitute a finer variety.

Honey is also wonderful for skin. This is because it’s naturally antibacterial, which makes it ideal for acne treatment and prevention. It’s also chock-full of antioxidants, which can give your complexion a boost. Raw honey is also moisturizing and soothing for skin.

It’s important to exfoliate, since it gets rid of dry and dead skin cells on the surface of your face. This step of the cleansing process also increases blood circulation, contributing to a healthy glow.

sugar piles next to sugar cubes

Balance Your Skin’s pH

Few people realize that balancing your skin’s pH levels is an important part of the cleansing process. The ideal pH level of your skin is a slightly acidic 5.5. Just like the rest of one’s body, skin requires a balance between alkalinity and acidity to keep moisture in and toxins out.

One way to do this naturally is with baking soda. Use this ingredient to make an effective homemade face mask. Combine two teaspoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of water, and leave it on your skin for about 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. If desired, add a teaspoon of raw honey to the mask for some extra oomf.


The last step in most cleansing processes for skin is to moisturize. Not only does moisturizer prevent dry skin, it can also improve tone and texture, hold water in the outermost layer of skin, and create a barrier to keep bacteria out.

Make your own natural moisturizer by combining mashed avocado, fresh cream, and raw honey in a blender until thoroughly combined. Then, massage this mixture into your face to keep it moisturized and soft. Avocado has an array of vitamins and antioxidants that can moisturize and clean your face, stunting breakouts. As mentioned above, raw honey is a great moisturizing agent, as well as being anti-inflammatory.

With so many natural ways to cleanse pores and get a healthy glow, there’s no need to reach into your pocket for expensive products or services. Always use organic and natural ingredients during these steps to avoid pesticides from tainting your skin.