DIY Drapery Tassels

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Cord or yarn for tassels

Spice up your home décor by adding handmade tassels to your drapery. Make these accessories with satiny cord or crochet tie-backs and create the tassels out of yarn.

Step 1 - Prepare the Cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard a ½-inch to 1 inch wide by the desired length for your drapery tassels. Cut a small slit in one end of the cardboard to hold the end of the cord or yarn.

Step 2 - Wind the Cord

Place one end of the cord or yarn into the slit in the cardboard. Wind the cord or yarn around the cardboard lengthwise until your tassel is the desired thickness. Keep in mind that you’ll be folding the cord in half so it will be twice as thick as it looks. Cut the cord at the same end of the cardboard where you started from.

Step 3 - Tie the Drapery Tassel

Hold the top ends and loops of the cord or yarn tightly (so they remain even) and carefully slip the cardboard out. Wrap more cord or yarn loosely around the top loops, about a ½-inch from the top. Be certain to include the ends of the cord in this wrap.

When the wrap is as thick as you like, cut the cord and slip it through the wrap at the back of the tassel several times to secure the wrap. Tie a knot and cut the loose ends to the desired length.

Step 4 - Insert the Drapery Tie-Back

Before you can attach your tassels to your draperies, you need to make the tie-backs. Determine the desired tie-back length from the window center to window edge, and cut twice that length. Make a large loop in the middle of the tie-back cord, and insert the loop into the back of your drapery tassel. This loop will serve as the tie-back for the draperies. Secure the tie-back cord to the tassel by tying the loose ends in a knot around the loop.

Step 5 - Finish the Drapery Tassels

Adjust the loose ends of the tie-back cord so that they hang evenly with the drapery tassel. Cut the ends of the drapery tassel evenly. Slip the loop around your drapery panel, and use a small hook in the wall to pull the drapery panel back securely. Or, just use the tie back cord to gather the drapery panel and let it hang loose in front of the window.

Homemade drapery tassels add a personal touch to your window décor. For a truly unique window treatment, finish your curtain rod with a homemade finial fashioned out of wood, metal or some other interesting object that matches the overall look of the draperies.