DIY Edible Holiday Tablescapes

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Hurricane candle holder
2 packages of assorted holiday Peeps
Red and green M&Ms
Mini marshmallows
Hershey Kisses
Styrofoam cone (one with a flat top is best)
Tree topper of your choosing
Hot glue gun

When it comes to hosting a holiday party, there are so many details that need tending to. From the food and drinks to the music and decorations, there are endless things to take care of. It seems like every time we look at Instagram or Pinterest, there are more and more products and ideas on how to have the perfect tablescape during the holiday season. However, it can sometimes feel as though it's not worth the hassle when table decorations end up pushed aside and then swept into the trash or a box at the end of the night.

A great way to avoid that feeling, yet still have a picture perfect tablescape, is to make your decorations edible. Not only will your table look fabulous and impressive, but your guests can munch on the decor and all of your hard work won't go to waste! There are tons of ideas out there that are easy to assemble and look as good as they taste. Below are two simple crafts that will leave your guests saying “Wow!” as they sit down at your table—and make their mouths water.

Holiday Candy Trifle

Candy in a jar.

If you want to make a holiday centerpiece that is colorful and bound to stand out, look no further than this holiday candy trifle. It’s not only extremely easy to assemble, but it’s inexpensive and your guests will barely be able to resist the sweets!

Time: 5 minutes || Cost: $14

  1. After opening up all of your candy, make sure your hurricane candle holder is clean.

  2. Pour an even layer of mini marshmallows that completely covers the bottom of the hurricane.

  3. Line up Peeps facing outwards around the hurricane. It took about five Peeps to cover the entire circumference of mine. Once you make sure they're straight, pour marshmallows in the middle of them to keep them in place.

  4. Pour a layer of M&M’s on top of the Peeps and marshmallows. Like with the bottom layer, make sure that it is even. Be generous in your pour for a colorful and robust layer of candy.

  5. Spread an even layer of mini marshmallows on top of the chocolates.

  6. Line the circumference of the hurricane with the next variety of Peeps as you did with the first, pouring the marshmallows inside the layer.

  7. Repeat the process of pouring M&M's and then mini marshmallow layers on top of the Peeps. Depending on how tall your glass is, you may have to repeat this several times.

This is a very quick process with a cute result. You could also get tall lollipops or candy canes to place in the center of this craft so that they are sticking out of the top, which would look nice. Additionally, if you have a large table, you could make several arrangements in different size hurricanes or vases.

Kiss-mas Trees

Whether you make one of these small enough to sit at a place setting, or one large enough to be a centerpiece, these Christmas tree lookalikes are easy to make and even easier to eat!

Time: 10 minutes || Cost: $8

  1. Start by breaking a handful of toothpicks in half as the full size is too long for this project.

  2. Take your Hershey Kisses and start at the bottom of the cone. Place the pointy side of the toothpick half into the center of a kiss—you will need to use a considerable amount of force to do so. Place the other end of the toothpick into the cone (this should be much easier!).

  3. Continue the same process with the kisses and toothpicks, placing the kisses right next to each other so that they are gently touching, working your way around and up the cone until it is completely covered. I had the holiday package of kisses, so I rotated between the red, green, and silver colors so that there were no duplicates next to each other.

  4. Once the tree is completely covered, it’s time to put on your tree topper. I inserted the wire of a faux, white sparkly flower into the Styrofoam cone to secure it. If you have a topper without a wire, you will need to use a hot glue gun to affix it.

I used a six-inch cone, which is small enough to put one on each person’s place setting at the table. However, if you did a larger one, it would make a great centerpiece. I love how you can choose from so many different adornments as the topper.

While creating a tablescape to wow your guests may seem like a tall task, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Put together a fun and simple craft that will leave them impressed and their sweet tooths satisfied.