DIY Fabric-Paneled Bifold Doors

doors with fabric panels

Bi-fold doors are generally an inexpensive, space-efficient way to eliminate the traditional door in a room, whether for a closet or a doorway. It is very simple to spruce up your bi-fold doors to add a little more decorative flair to your space.

Using fabric to enhance your bi-fold doors is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be done in a few hours while not hurting your pocketbook.

To decorate your bi-fold doors using fabric, you have several different options to choose from depending on your style and the décor of your room. For an elegant French door look, you have two options: a full panel or a half panel. You can also make a recessed panel using fabric and trim.

Full-Paneled French Door

For a full-paneled French door look, buy one set (two rods) of café curtain rods that will leave a maximum of two inches of uncovered door on either side for each panel. You can either buy curtains or make your own.

Whether buying or making your curtains, make sure your material is one and a half to two times the width of the panel on your bi-fold door. Be sure to measure correctly for your fabric or your curtain so that the curtain will be taut.

Choose a pattern that is simple when choosing your fabric or curtain so that it does not overwhelm the overall décor of the room.

When you install your hardware on the bi-fold door panel, leave approximately six inches from the top and bottom. Insert your rod into the top rod pocket and attach it to the brackets you mounted on the door panel.

After hanging the top rod, do the same for the bottom rod pocket. Using a coordinating wire-edged ribbon or a corded tie-back; tie the middle of your curtain together in the middle of the curtain. Repeat for each panel.

Half-Paneled French Door

A half-paneled French door look can be accomplished in two ways. For the more sophisticated style, follow all of the steps above except for the length. Your bottom rod should leave approximately two inches above the bottom panel of the bi-fold door. If you desire, tie the curtain in the middle just like the full paneled door.

Your second option gives you more of a country café look. Instead of using two rods per panel, only use one. Let your bottom edge flow like a window curtain. You can also use two curtains and tie them back on either side.

Recessed Panel

A recessed panel is simple to do, though measuring correctly is highly important. Measure four inches into each side of the bi-fold door and using a pencil and a yardstick, trace the rectangular area you are going to cover with fabric.

Measure your fabric and cut according to the dimensions measured on your panel. Using a spray adhesive, lightly spray and attach your fabric to the panel. Using a thin decorative trim, painted in a coordinating color, attach trim with wood glue or glue appropriate to the door's material.