DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Fall Decor
Leaves in a gardening can.

It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and people are grabbing sweaters before leaving their homes. With the change of seasons comes a change in decor. To inspire you, here are a few DIY fall decor ideas.

DIY Coasters
Tree coasters.

Make charming, rustic DIY coasters that pay homage to fall. You'll need a branch at least 3 inches in diameter and a good saw to cut 1-inch slices off of it. Use sandpaper to remove rough areas, and cover the entire disc with matte finishing spray. You can take your coasters up a notch by using a leaf stamp to create a design right in the middle before applying your finishing spray. Once the spray dries, you can start using these wooden discs as pretty fall drink coasters.

Sweater Pillow
Pillows made of sweaters.

Have an old sweater you're never going to wear again? Turn it into a throw pillow cover, and add a warm touch to your fall decor. Cut the sweater into two squares that are about an inch longer all around than each side of your pillow. Sew three sides together, then insert your pillow inside before you stitch the last side closed. When you're done, you'll have a pillow that's ready and dressed for chilly fall weather.

Cinnamon sticks around a candle.

Add a rustic touch of fall anywhere with this simple DIY. All you need are small sticks salvaged from your yard and lightly sanded, or cinnamon sticks that you can purchase at most big box stores. The cinnamon sticks will create a nice smell. Wrap small and large pillar candles with an upright row of the sticks. Wrap them around the candles and sticks with twine. Tie a bow in front, and you have gorgeous, fall-inspired candle holders. These wrapped candles look great anywhere.

Fall Display
A display of fall items.

Use a display rack to create a gorgeous fall display with mini pumpkins, pine cones, and small gourds. Artfully place your items on the display and put it anywhere to add a great pop of fall decor to your space. Want more color? Add berries and fall flowers, too.

Fall Lights
A fall-themed lantern.

Get a decorative lantern, or find one at a consignment store and spray paint it in the color of your choosing. Then fill it with fall items. Pine cones, berries, mini pumpkins, acorns, and anything else that makes you think of fall is perfect for creating this display. Place the lantern on a mantle or table, or hang it with a strong piece of twine for an eye-catching rustic look.

You can also make your own beautiful fall lamps using mason jars and faux leaves. Faux fall leaves are available in any craft store. Press the leaves against the inside of jars, and brush clear glue over them. Tie twine around the top of the jars several times to complete the rustic look. Once the glued leaves have dried, place flameless candle tea lights inside to create charming little lanterns that add fall beauty anywhere. These lanterns look great indoors or out.

Autumn Arrangement
Fall decor in a vase.

Instead of flowers, fill a vase with branches of colorful fall leaves and berries, and create a gorgeous display inspired by the natural elements of autumn. The leaves and berries will continue to be vibrant for several days and out-survive most floral displays. This is a great way to add some color to your decor, so place this vase in a spot that needs to be brightened up a little.