DIY Garage Floor Coating

What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Rubber gloves
Concrete epoxy coating kit
Polyurethane sealer
Rolling pan
Paint roller
Paint brush

A garage floor coating will give the floor a nice aesthetic boost and a protective covering that will inhibit contaminants from destroying it for many years to come. Installing it, however, may intimidate homeowners; but with these easy steps, even amateur DIYers can do the job right.

Step 1 – Preparations

Check if the concrete floor has been sealed or not. Do this by splashing a small amount of water on top of the concrete. If the water forms bead shapes, it has been sealed. Before resealing the concrete, apply a good acid wash on it to remove the sealer. Wait for the concrete to dry.

If the floor has been painted, make sure that it was painted correctly without having any peeling parts. If the paint is peeling off, use a paint scraper or stripper to remove it entirely from the floor. A badly painted floor can affect the coating negatively.

Finally, inspect if the concrete has moisture in it. Trapped moisture can really mess up the coating and waste a lot of money. To check if the floor has trapped moisture in it, duct tape random areas of the floor and let it stay overnight. Remove the duct tapes and see if the concrete surface underneath them has darkened. This means that it has moisture trapped in it. Use a dehumidifier to dry suck out the trapped moisture or apply the coat in a hot day.

If there are any cracks in the concrete, use a concrete patch and let it cure. Clean the entire concrete surface to prepare it for coating. Before applying any of the chemical coats, make sure to wear a respirator, rubber gloves, and safety gloves. Open the garage door as well to provide enough ventilation inside the room.

Step 2 – Apply the Epoxy Coating

Mix the epoxy coat according to manufacturer’s instructions. If the garage floor is too wide for one person to coat it in the recommended amount of time, ask for assistance. Place the epoxy in the roller pan, dip the roller with epoxy and roll it onto the floor. Apply the epoxy coat evenly until every square inch of the garage floor is coated. Use a paint brush to coat hard-to-reach areas. Allow the coat to cure for about 2 days.

Step 3 – Apply Polyurethane Sealer

Polyurethane sealer provides additional protection to the coated concrete floor. After the epoxy has cured, prepare the polyurethane according to manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the mix into the roller pan. Use a pain roller to apply the first coat onto the concrete. Clean the pan after application using mineral spirits and wait for 24 hours.

To create a smoother and glossier finish, apply a second coating after 24 hours. Wait for the sealer to dry for about 72 hours before parking the car in the garage.


Don't proceed with the coating immediately, although some homeowners may recommend you to skip the prepping stage to save time and energy. Follow the preparations steps (Step 1) even if the work is tedious. Skipping the preparation stage will make the work easier and faster, yes, but the coating won't last long.