DIY Halloween Decor

Scary Decorations
Kids with Halloween pumpkins.

When Halloween rolls around, it's time to update your decor. While there is no shortage of decorations available for purchase, there are also many you can DIY. Use this guide for ideas on how to make your home stand out.

Use Props You Already Have
Two pumkin mechanics.

Take a look around to find props you can put to use in your Halloween decor. Have hay? Make scarecrows. Did your garden spew more pumpkins that you can hope to carve? Create a display for your porch or make pumpkin mechanics. Haybales, corn stalks, gourds, and brooms can all be put to good use.

Make Hauntingly Festive Candles
Glass jars used as candle holders.

Jack-O-Lanterns are a standard at Halloween. Crazy, fun, and scary faces backlit by an internal candle welcome trick-or-treaters at nearly every door. But there are a lot of other fun ways to illuminate the holiday. Make luminaries out of Halloween-themed paper bags. Cut designs out of the front, fill them partway with sand or Epson salt, and drop a candle in. Create a row of them to line the driveway or another path to the front door. Glass jars are another easy and festive option to create a cozy fall feel. Use Halloween-themed ribbon, small pinecones, leaves, or stickers to decorate the outside of the jar.

Make It a Banner Halloween
A banner that says Happy Halloween.

Use your holiday spirit to create a Halloween banner for your entryway or party table. Use felt or colored paper cut into a pendant shape and decorate it with string art, plastic bats, stickers, or letters. Attach each section using string, ribbon, yard, or cord. Make it fun or freaky; the design is up to you.

Send a Monochromatic Message
White Halloween decor.

Gather up the assorted items from Halloweens past and grab the spray paint. Create a collection of similarly-colored items to welcome guests inside or outside the home. Use jars, pumpkins, decorated bags, crates, flower pots, vases, cups, and anything else you have on hand.

Create a Frighteningly Inviting Porch
Spiderwebs and lighting in an entrance.

Grab a bag of cotton and get to work. Stretch, string, and spread it out until the entryway becomes a menacing mess of cobwebs. Add store-bought spiders or make your own with yarn or heavy paper. Replace your porch light bulbs with black or orange bulbs for a somber effect. Of course a skeleton or two and a little smoke can move the creepy factor up the scale.

Bake Halloween Treats
Halloween cookies.

Nothing speaks to the soul like homemade goodies. So when you're trying to make memories with your little ghouls, cookie cutters must be part of the equation. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or find one online. Color some icing and whip up some ghosts and goblins to share with friends or classmates.

Make Freaky Foods
Green drinks with gummy worms in them.

Halloween is a fun time to be in the kitchen. After all, when else would your crew appreciate mummy-wrapped little smokies, strawberries dipped into white chocolate who come out as ghosts, spiderweb cake frosting, headstones in your dip, or a pumpkin puking yummy goodness onto a platter? And you don't even need to ask, of course spiders in a drink are a good idea.

Create Your Own Handmade Halloween Signs
A sign that says Happy Halloween.

Collect the scrap lumber or tear apart that project pallet in the garage. Cut, sand, and paint signs to hang in front of the door, over the coat rack, or as an addition to your table decor. You can decide whether you want to welcome or warn guests about what lies ahead. You could also make some scary headstones or grave markers in your front yard.

Make Costumes and Drinks for the Family
Parents and kids dressed up for Halloween.

Dig out the facepaint and the sewing machine to whip up some costumes. If you're better with a recipe book then a needle, create green or orange beer for the adults and lemon-lime soda for the tots. Turn spaghetti into a pile of brains. Have some fun with creepy games with bowls of icky foods hidden behind a board. Have your victims reach through a hole in the board and guess what they are touching. Make a pin the carrot on the scarecrow game with fun blindfolds or dartboard with prizes. Make a Halloween wreath, build a haunted maze in your garage, or create cheesecloth ghosts.