DIY Halloween Fog Chiller

What You'll Need
An old cooler box
A fan
Some lengths of pipe (3 inch)
Assorted connectors for the pipe to enable us to go at various angles
Wire mesh to fit in the cooler box and hold the ice. (2 sheets)
Caulk to fill the gaps
Black paint
A fogger
Dry ice or Ice with salt added

A DIY halloween fog chiller is a task to be done well in advance as it requires some testing to ensure that the task has been done effectively.

The chiller is for the purpose of keeping the fog low on the ground because normally it rises. To enable to give a creepy effect to the fog, a DIY halloween chiller has to be used to keep the fog low on the ground.

Step 1 – Preparation

Prepare the cooler box by cutting a round hole on each side 4 inches in diameter. One hole is made at the top of the cooler box and the other on the side but at the base of the box. The bottom hole should be right at the bottom of the box. The top hole will be the inlet pipe and the one at the base will be the outlet pipe.

Step 2 - Prepare the Mesh

Cut 2 pieces of the mesh to fit the cooler box inside area. And cut 4 pieces of pipe the width of the cooler box. They should be approximately 12 inches in length. Measure the width of the cooler box and mark out about 4 inches from the base making them even on both ends. Using an adhesive made for plastic, glue a section of pipe to each end. You will lay the bottom layer of mesh on these pipes. Glue a second set of pipes about three inches above the first. This is for the top layer of mesh.

Step 3 - Attach the Pipes

When doing the DIY Halloween project, you need to attach two outside pipes to the cooler box. An inlet pipe at the top and an outlet pipe at the bottom. Put the first pipe in place and seal it with caulk, making sure there are no leaks. Do the same to the bottom outlet pipe again making sure it doesn’t leak.

Step 4 – Spreading the Fog

To ensure the fog spreads evenly, you should have a T shape attached to the outlet pipe with multiple holes drilled down one the far side. Thus the outlet pipe leads to the T junction which is closed off on each end so the drilled holes disperse the fog along the floor.

The drilled holes should be 1/4 inch at least. The fun part of a DIY Halloween project like this is when you finally see it coming together.

Step 5 - Cooling the Fog

To cool the fog down you are now going to use dry ice in between the layers of mesh. To save money you can make our own by adding salt to the water of the ice you made. Otherwise you can purchase dry ice.

Now spread the dry ice evenly along the top of the bottom layer of mesh, making sure it is at least 2 1/2 inches thick. Now place the second layer of mesh in place and put the lid on the cooler box and seal tight.

Start up the fogger and blow the fog through your DIY Halloween fog chiller.