DIY Hollywood-Style Lighted Mirror

Lead Image
What You'll Need
4 multi-light panels, connectable at right angles
Large single-panel mirror, 24 by 36 inches
Mirror mastic
Electrical wiring, cord, plug and socket
An assistant

A glamorous lighted mirror over your vanity table or in your bathroom will help you look as stunning as Hollywood's leading performers of yesteryear. Use these guidelines to construct and install your own Hollywood-style lighted mirror.

Step 1 - Measure the Location for Your Lighted Mirror

Choose a suitable location for your mirror that is at least 24x36 inches, and add 4 inches per side for the multi-light panels. Install the light panels more than 6 inches away from an adjoining wall, wall-mounted cabinet, and above a table or countertop. You will need 54 inches of wall height and 44 inches of wall width for a 24x36 lighted mirror lit on all sides.

Step 2 - Purchase the Multi-Light Panels

Multi-light panels come in units of three lights (15 inches), five lights (21 inches) or seven lights (35 inches) in length. Two panels of five lights and two panels of seven lights, when connected at the corners, will surround a 24x36-inch mirror. Most light panel manufacturers offer finishes of shiny chrome, brushed chrome, brass, almond beige or white, and bulbs are available for purchase separately. Spherical bulbs, either frosted or clear work best in Hollywood-style mirrors. Energy-saving low wattage spherical bulbs are now available from many makers. When you purchase the multi-light panels, have them wired together to a single cord and plug, with a switch attached to the cord for easy installation.

Step 3 - Hang the Mirror

Hang the 24x36-inch mirror in the designated space leaving clearance for the multi-light panels to be mounted around it. Attach the mirror securely to the wall with mirror mastic, and press it firmly into place. Allow the mirror mastic to set for one hour before adding the light panels.

Step 4 - Connect the Multi-Light Panels

Snap the multi-light panels together so the cord and plug extend from the bottom right or left corner, whichever is convenient for the wall outlet. Insert all the required light bulbs into the sockets. Make sure the light switch is accessible but protected from splashing water if the mirror is in the bathroom. Test the light bulbs by plugging in the light system to the wall outlet. Unplug the light panel assembly to continue the installation.

Step 5 - Attach the Light Panels to the Mirror

Apply mirror mastic in wide strips to the back of the multi-light panels. With the help of your assistant, align the light panels carefully to the edges of the mirror and press them into place. Make any adjustments quickly, as mirror mastic will begin to dry on contact with the mirror glass edges.

Step 6 - Plug in the Light Panel Assembly

Plug the light panel assembly into the wall socket again, and test the on-off switch to ensure your Hollywood-style lighted mirror works as desired.

If you wish to have your Hollywood-style lighted mirror connected to a wall switch, contact a qualified electrician or someone familiar with house electricity to perform the installation.