DIY Home Gym Hacks

A home gym.

From avoiding monthly gym memberships to working out whenever you want, there are plenty of benefits to building a home gym. The big downside, however, is the upfront cost. Fortunately, it's possible to build the home gym of your dreams without breaking your budget. Here's some ways to hack an at-home gym.


The location of your home gym is one of the most important things to consider. Not only does the location play a part in the size of your workout space, but it will also factor into how much you use it. Choose the largest room available for your home gym and, if possible, select a room that's only used for working out to maximize the use of space.

Basic Equipment

Aside from weights, there are a few basic workout items that will get you started. This includes a few yoga mats for stretching, some resistance bands, and a good stability ball or two. You do not have to out and buy an expensive all-in-one bench to get started. Instead, purchase additional equipment as needed to avoid buying things you may never use.


A woman relaxing on a yoga mat in a home gym.

It's important that your home gym motivates you to work out. If it's not a place in which you enjoy spending time, then you probably will not end up using it. You can help motivate yourself by hanging up inspirational wall art or room decor that will make you feel at home. You can also pick an area that overlooks the outdoors or install plants in the gym to give yourself an outdoor and refreshed feel.


A good solid floor is important for working out. Unfortunately, purchasing rubber gym flooring can get expensive, especially if the room is large. Avoid flooring expenses by buying horse stall mats instead. These are relatively inexpensive compared to their counterparts and come in large sections. They are also more than strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of a tough work-out regime.


Mirrors are not solely about checking yourself out. These handy items can also make a room appear larger than it really is. If your home gym is fairly small, consider installing a few body mirrors on one wall to avoid feeling too claustrophobic. The mirrors will also make the room feel like a normal gym.


A collection of black weights on a wood surface.

Weights can get expensive to buy, especially if you go out and purchase an entire range. A better approach is to buy two or three dumbbells that you know you will use and purchase more as needed. You can also find great deals on bargain websites or local classifieds.

Equipment Storage

Home gyms typically suffer from a lack of space. You can free up some room by adding vertical storage for exercise equipment. Vertical storage options, such as wall mounted shelves, will clean up the floor clutter and give you more space for work outs. They are also great for storing towels and speakers for a sound system. You can also use coat racks for storing workout towels or resistant bands.

Exercise Goals

Your exercise goals should be a major consideration when building a home gym. After all, you do not need to invest in a large weight set if you are concentrating on cardio and vice-versa. If your goals are cardio-based, then buying a quality treadmill or exercise bike will probably be the most expensive part of your home gym.

Equipment Hacks

There are plenty of things you can find around the house that will substitute for specialized equipment. For example, a stack of books can do the same job as yoga foam cubes and a kitchen rolling pin can be used as either a foam roller or an ab wheel.

Resistance bands

These large, strong rubber bands can be cheaper than large equipment, and offer just as much intensity to workouts. Mount them to a solid surface, or use your own body to get both a stretch and a flex.