DIY In-Ground Pool Kits

Inground pool kits are an alternative to having a pool company install a pool in your backyard. Installation of these kits usually includes excavation, building the pool walls, plumbing the pool, laying the foundation and installing the liner. It is a large DIY project, but can be done successfully with the proper planning.

Buying the Right Pool Kit

Decide which pool kit to purchase by comparing prices, quality of materials and the amount of technical help that is available to answer your questions as you build the pool. You need to consider the soil conditions and size of pool you want as well. You can add optional features such as steps, ladders and volleyball nets.


Make a definite plan that includes a timetable. If you are hiring contractors for backfilling or plumbing, you will need to be sure they are available and fit into your timetable. Also do a budget so that you are not surprised by the expenses that come up during the installation. Get estimates from the contractors.

The Excavation

Once you have decided where the pool will go mark it clearly with stakes connected by string. You must communicate the excavator the depth of each part of the pool. Make a drawing for him if necessary. Have the excavator dig out the pool cavity and check the depths.

Pool Assembly

Each kit is constructed a little differently. So be sure to closely follow the directions for the pool kit you purchased. Contract out any work that you don’t have the skills or tools to do. These jobs might be the excavation and backfilling, the plumbing and pouring the concrete.

Filling the Pool

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about the method of volume of water to fill the pool. Treat the water to make it safe for swimmers. You should check the water with a testing kit at least once a week to maintain the correct chlorine and pH levels.


You can use concrete, wood or stone to form a perimeter around your pool and give swimmers a place to lounge. So pour the concrete and finish it or lay tile over it. You can also build a wooden deck.


Landscaping the area around the pool with plants adds shade and makes the outdoor space more attractive. Be cautious in choosing plants that will create a lot of messy cleanup in the pool due to falling leaves or berries. Some of these can stain a pool lining. Plan how large the plants or trees will grow and how they might overhang the pool. Also decide how much landscape maintenance you are willing to do such as pruning and watering.

Installing an inground pool kit is a complex and expensive project but you could save thousands by doing it yourself. If you do your homework, hire good contractors and do quality work, you will enjoy your backyard pool for years to come.