DIY Interior Storm Windows

  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 45
What You'll Need
Framing profile
Plastic film
Double-sided tape
Plastic panels
Metal or vinyl clips
Screwdriver bits

Interior storm windows are a good addition to windows that are not double-paned.

Using interior storm windows allows your heater or air conditioner to be more energy-efficient and keeps your house warmer or cooler depending on the time of year. Interior storm windows are a good choice for historical homes since the outside windows are not covered. Also, interior storm windows are much easier to use on second-floor windows.

Why use interior storm windows?

The interior storm windows create an air space that traps hot or cold air so it does not get into or out of your home. It is a good idea to remove interior storm windows during the milder months to allow the home to ventilate.

Types of interior storm windows

• Plastic shrink film.
• Glass or plastic panels.

Clear plastic shrink film is stretched across a window or frame when heated by a hairdryer.

Glass or plastic panel interior storm windows can have metal or vinyl frames. They also can be used without a frame for a transparent look.

Making your own interior storm windows using plastic shrink film

Step 1-At the hardware store buy wood framing used for assembling screens and plastic
shrink film.

Step 2-Put together the interior storm window frame and make sure it fits your
existing window.

Step 3-Stretch the plastic shrink film across the frame by heating it.

Step 4-You can either use double-sided tape to attach the interior storm window or you
can staple the plastic shrink film to the frame.

Step 5 –Mount the finished interior storm window with by screwing clips into the
existing window frame.

Installing glass or plastic panels

Whether you have purchased interior storm windows in frames or you choose to
install panels without frames, they are both held secure with metal or vinyl clips to the inside of your home's window.

Step 1-Drill holes around the frame of the existing window.

Step 2-Screw clips onto the window frame

Step 3-Hang the interior storm window.