DIY Outdoor Wicker Furniture Repair

Outdoor wicker furniture can be attractive in a home that has a certain theme. However, maintaining its original appearance can be quite difficult. Some resort to acquiring new furniture when their wicker furniture starts to show signs of damage or wear and tear; repairing it, though, may be the best choice for people who want to save on costs. Repairing outdoor wicker furniture is easy with the right tools and knowledge. Here are some suggestions on how to repair damaged outdoor wicker furniture.

Keep the Furniture Moist

Maintain the state of the outdoor wicker furniture with a few simple methods. One method is to hose the wicker furniture at least once a year to prevent it from drying up too much. Applying linseed oil to the furniture also works. Take extra care when handling linseed oil, as this is a very flammable material.

Assess the Damage

Determine the extent of the damage suffered by the wicker furniture. Knowing the extent of the damage will give you an idea on the type of repair that needs to be done. If the furniture is cracked, it is best to leave the crack as it is. Simply prevent the rest of the weaves from falling out by applying linseed oil to them at least twice a month. If there are stray strands of wicker from the furniture, further repairs might be needed to keep its appearance intact.

Clean the Furniture

Clean out all dirt and dust that may have gotten stuck within the weaves of the wicker furniture. Use a mixture of ammonia and warm water when doing this. The mixture may be applied to the furniture using a washcloth. Always use caution when wiping the solution over the damaged area, to prevent doing further damage to the undisturbed wicker fibers.

Cut Out Stray Wickers

If there are any frayed wicker ends, cut them out carefully. Use caution when doing so to avoid damaging nearby weaves.

Replace Broken Wicker

Cut out small parts of a wicker roll and glue them onto any broken wicker weaves. Doing this will help make the wicker furniture’s weaved appearance whole again. Wicker rolls are inexpensive and can be purchased at homemaker’s shops or department stores. Use any type of transparent glue to attach the pieces of wicker onto the broken parts.

Repaint the Furniture

Apply new paint to the wicker furniture to mask the repairs you have made to it. Do not attempt to strip off the paint, or use any type of substance to get rid of the existing paint. Wicker furniture is easy to paint over; therefore, simply painting over the existing color of the furniture will suffice.

Repairing outdoor wicker furniture can always save you from shelling out money for brand new furniture, which can cost too much. If you are tight on budget and do not have the resources to buy a new set of furniture, then repairing your old wicker furniture is your best choice.