DIY Projects to Complete on a Snow Day

A brightly colored living room with a gallery wall that was done as a snow day project.

The winter isin many parts of the countryaccompanied by frequent snow storms that leave us bound to our homes for the day. Rather than brave the slippery roads or spend your day in an unproductive manner, snow days can be put to good use around the house. You’re probably wondering, how much can one really get done in a day? The answer is simplequite a bit! Below, learn about easy home improvement and DIY projects that you can easily complete from the comfort of your own home in just one snow day.

Kitchen Projects to Complete in a Day

There are an array of kitchen projects that can be completed in just one day yet make a big impact on your cooking space.

Add a Backsplash

A kitchen sink surrounded by a backsplash.

Kitchen backsplashes have never been more popular than they are now, and they’re easy to install along your kitchen counters. As long as you have the materials on hand, this is a great project to have on deck to complete during a day you find yourself snowed in. The best part? This easy home improvement project totally transforms the look of your kitchen!

Swap Your Hardware

Another small change that makes a big difference in your kitchen is the hardware. Consider changing drawer pulls and cabinet knobs as an easy home improvement project that can be quickly completed and give your kitchen a totally new feel to it.

Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are a useful home appliance, but they tend to carry an odor from time to time. A snow day is the perfect time to clean your garbage disposal and cut down on odor for a fresher kitchen. To do this, use citrus fruits like lemons or limes, baking soda, and white vinegar to get rid of unpleasant stenches in no time at all.

Living Space

If you’re feeling like your living space could use some TLC, a snow day is the perfect time to complete some simple projects.

Hang a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are easy and fun to install, and they have the ability to really bring a room together. Gather framed art and photos in different shapes and sizes along with accents that can be hung on a wall. Map out how they’ll be hung, measure, mark, and hang! It’s as simple as that.

Style a Bookcase

Bookcases aren’t only functional, they’re also a style piece in any home. Use a snow day to style (or re-style) yours to really ensure it makes a statement. Take everything off of your bookcase and gather stray accents, books, magazines, and framed photos and arrange them to your heart’s desire.

Wire Management

Wires are a home necessity in order for us to take advantage of the conveniences that technology allow for, but that doesn’t mean they’re not unsightly. Take advantage of a snow day to work some magic where it comes to wire management or concealing these pesky necessities. Shorten cables so that they’re just long enough and don’t hang on the ground and use baskets and other accents to conceal wires that rest on the ground for a more tidy home.


Your bathroom is one of the most high-traffic area of your home, so take some free time to spruce it up.

Storage Ladder

A bathroom with a ladder for towel storage.

Create a DIY storage ladder to save space and create a stylish look in your bathroom. Take an old leaning ladder and spray paint it. Once it dries, add it to your bathroom. You can easily hang towels from its rungs or hang baskets or rest accents on the ladder for a quaint look.

Mirror Makeover

You can easily give your mirror a makeover using only painter’s tape and spray paint. Create a border on an otherwise plain mirror with some stripes for flair and your bathroom will look more fancy, instantly.

Wine Lover’s Bathmat

If you love wine and have a collection of corks, a snow day is the perfect time to put them to good use! Create a bathmat out of corks that will act as a functional bathroom accessory as well as an interesting style piece.

You’ll love not only feeling productive on your snowy day in, but you’ll also love the effects these simple projects have on your home as a whole.